Neighborhood Vitality Grant Program

In May 2004, Garland voters approved Proposition Six, which included $5 million for neighborhood improvement projects. The Neighborhood Vitality Matching Grant (NVMG) is administered by the Office of Neighborhood Vitality (ONV) as a way for residents to work together on projects that enhance the physical conditions in their neighborhoods. Matching funds are available for neighborhood projects on public property that promote community building and social capital.

In May 2019, Garland voters approved Proposition F, which included $7 million to continue neighborhood improvement projects.

Per the updated guidelines, registered voluntary associations can apply for up to $10,000 for an eligible project without providing a match. Every dollar over $10,000 requires a 25% match from the applicant. 

Neighborhood Vitality Matching Grant - at a glance

  • For Whom: Neighborhood groups (Voluntary or Mandatory).
  • For What: Neighborhood beautification/enhancement projects on public property.
  • Why: To build community as you beautify your neighborhood. Projects, challenges, successes-these bring neighbors together, creating the social fabric necessary to build and sustain self-sufficient, thriving neighborhoods.

How to Apply


Applications are accepted twice a year - March 23 and September 23 The Office of Neighborhood Vitality works with applicants to ensure project requirements are met and to answer questions. At times, other funding opportunities may be available. Registered groups are notified of such opportunities and provided with contact information. To find out more about the criteria and the application process, email the Office of Neighborhood Vitality, or call at 972-205-2445.