What does the Garland Landmark Society do and how can I join?

Members work to keep the museum open every year. They also publish a yearly calendar with historic images and dates. Volunteers maintain and expand the GarlandHistorical.org website, plan and work on projects, including displays, as well as the fundraising required to carry them out.  For additional information please email Answers@GarlandHistorical.org.

Annual dues are $20.  Perspective members can fill out the membership form and pay dues every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. or online at GarlandHistorical.org. They can also be mailed to The Garland Landmark Society P.O. Box 462232 Garland, TX 75046.

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1. What is the museum’s address?
2. When is the Landmark Museum open? And why is it not open more?
3. How much is admission to the Landmark Museum?
4. Do you do field trips for schools, seniors, scouts, or private tours?
5. Can I go inside the Tinsley-Lyles House or the 1910 Pullman Coach Car? And when will they be open to the public?
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7. How can I learn more about Garland history?
8. What does the Garland Landmark Society do and how can I join?
9. How do I volunteer?
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