Ambulance Billing

A collection agency has been contracted by the City of Garland for the purpose of billing and collecting all fees owed to the City of Garland for ambulance services provided by the Fire Department. Revenue Recovery oversees and monitors the collection of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) fees. Please note that our billing provider has recently changed.

Digitech Computer Incorporated

If your date of service is on or after October 1, 2017, your account is managed by:
Digitech Computer, Inc.
480 Bedford Road (Building 600 to 2nd Floor)
Chappaqua, NY 10514
Garland Payment Website

Updating Information

You may update your insurance information online at any time. You will need your invoice number and the incident number to access your account. View a Sample Ambulance Invoice (PDF) to help you find this information.

If your date of service was September 30, 2017, or earlier, your Emergency Medical Service (EMS) billing and collection agency can be reached at:
Revenue Recovery Division
Phone: 972-205-2686

Additional Information

Additional information regarding fees/charges can be located at EMS Fees.