Agility Test

Firefighter applicants must complete all exercises within the allotted time. Failure of any one exercise is grounds for disqualification. This test will be scheduled by the Fire Department, for those who qualify, after taking the written exam. Late arrival for your assigned appointment time will also result in disqualification.

This eight-step test will begin after 5 to 10 minutes of warm-up exercises. All steps are graded on a pass/fail basis. If a step is completed in the allotted time, it will be graded as a pass.
  • Mile Run - Complete 3 laps (1 mile) around a one third mile track as provided. Allotted Time: 14:15
  • Ladder Climb - Climb a 65-foot ladder set at a 70-degree angle, touch the top rung, then climb down. Cannot skip steps. Allotted time: 2:31
  • Hose Lift - Using a 1-inch diameter rope, pull a 50-foot section of 2 1/2 inch hose (rolled) vertically 34 feet, hand over hand, without stopping. Allotted Time: 0:36
  • Charged Hose Advance - Pull a 50-foot section of (water filled) 2 1/2 inch hose back past the discharge point. (Note: A 100-foot hose, with a nozzle, will be used for this exercise). Allotted Time: 0:49
  • Equipment Carry - Carry a 50-foot section of empty 2 1/2 inch hose, with a nozzle, up and back down 3 1/2 floors (55 stair steps). Cannot skip steps. Allotted Time: 1:29
  • Ladder Removal and Replacement - Remove a 24-foot extension ladder (75 pounds) from the rack that is 6 feet 3 inches tall, place the ladder on the ground, then place the ladder back on the same rack. Allotted Time: 0:20
  • Body Carry - Run 75 feet to a 168 pound dummy, drag or carry dummy back 75 feet and place on a flat surface as provided. Allotted Time: 0:55
  • Hose Loading - Load ten sections of rolled (empty) 2 1/2 inch hose onto a 5 foot raised platform. Allotted Time: 1:09